Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble (gf)

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg

So here’s how it happened: AJ and I were at the grocery store and I was complaining (as per usual) about not eating enough vegetables. The particular meal I was griping about was breakfast – I seriously feel like the only thing to eat for breakfast is pure carbs, like oatmeal or cereal or toast. I mean, these things are all tasty and whatnot, but after eating the same things every day for, well, ever, I just really felt like I needed a change. A vegetable change. Something that would fuel me for the whole day! With vitamins and antioxidants and colors other than brown!

But I was too lazy to actually come up with anything, so what did I do? I griped to AJ about it. Good plan, right?

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg

Turns out it was. This amazing fiance of mine just said “Okay, done.” And went around the store collecting all sorts of veggies that I had no idea what he was going to do with. That night, he spent an exceptionally long time preparing his lunch for the next day, which I paid no attention to because I was likely typing away on this blog here.

The next morning after we got back from our walk with the dog he went straight to the kitchen. A few minutes later I was smelling the most amazing smells I had ever smelled at 5:45 in the morning – onions, garlic, bell pepper, and more. I’m pretty sure I was doing a little happy dance while peeking over his shoulder and waiting for the food to be done. Veggies! For breakfast! On a weekday!! I couldn’t have been more stoked. And then he added eggs. Nom nom nom nom nom. Eggs are my guilty pleasure. I loves them.

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg

So this little breakfast scramble has become a normal part of our routine a couple times per week. AJ chops the vegetables at night, then fries them up in the morning. I always feel so energized after this amazing meal. We buy enough veggies at the beginning of the week to make a couple of these, and I love how much extra produce we’ve been eating.

This recipe actually makes quite a lot. If the two of us split it we are stuffed to the brim. You could easily feed 3 and maybe 4 if you added some toast on the side, so I’ve included that option as well.

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg

This recipe is also amazing because of how flexible it is. Whatever are your favorite veggies of the moment, throw them in! As long as they cook in a similar amount of time. The brussels sprouts are actually one of my favorite ingredients, something that both of us thought might be weird. I bet this would be great with some leeks, cabbage, kale, or even eggplant. The options are endless! If you try anything, let me know how it turns out. I bet it’ll be delicious!

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg

What are your other ideas for getting some veggies in the morning? Sweet potatoes, anyone? I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never tried!

If you make this and LOVE it, share it with your friends! Tag me @myCAroots on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I love to see what you guys make!

Super Veggie Breakfast Scramble | | #recipe #easy #egg … 

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