Cornbread Skillet Biscuits (v)

Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side

So… these little biscuits are pretty darn genius, if I may say so myself. I have no clue where I got the idea, but somehow I decided that making cornbread into a biscuit and then cooking it on the stove was a good idea. And let me tell you – it was. I think I might never make cornbread in the oven ever again. Crazy, I know!

Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side

The benefit of these guys are:

1) They combine the comforting flavor of cornbread with the crispy, buttery flavor and texture of biscuits.
2) They come in convenient little individual circles, so you don’t end up with half your cornbread in a pile of crumbs on your plate.
3) You don’t even have to turn on the oven!

I don’t know about you, but the above sounds like a winning combo. That whole no-oven thing? Totally worth it! All you have to do with these guys is prep the batter (which, admittedly, takes a bit more time than traditional cornbread batter), then scoop it onto a hot griddle and let ‘em cook. A few minutes later they are ready to flip, and then they’re done! They likely aren’t done in much less time than traditional biscuits, but when something’s already in the oven or you don’t want to wait the half hour before it heats up (is that only my oven?) then this recipe is a lifesaver. And plus, they’re crispy on both sides. Nom. Nom.

Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side

I originally served these with a super tasty chipotle chili I made, but soon realized they are amazing with any meal. As part of a hearty breakfast alongside some eggs? Um, yes. As a mid-morning snack? Por favor. With some leftovers or a salad for lunch? Gimme.

I think you get it. I’m pretty obsessed with these! I was pretty sad when they were all gone and I had to find something else to eat for every meal. Life’s hard, I know.

Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side

On another note, I am officially hosted with my new host, Media Temple! After last week’s episode, the last thing I wanted to do was renew my account with Bluehost. So I followed the advice of a few fellow bloggers and went with Media Temple. So far things have been great. However, I couldn’t have done it without the help of the guys over at I emailed them at 9 pm last Monday when my site was down asking about migrating over to MediaTemple and they were on my case right away. They even called Bluehost for me to help get my site live again! Remember this was 9 pm California time on a Monday night… totally rad how on-top of things they are! They did all the dirty work of the migration yesterday, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them. If you ever need a tech problem solved, I highly, highly recommend them.

I hope y’all had a great week! Go make yo’selves some (skillet) biscuits!

Cornbread Skillet Biscuits Recipe (v) | | #vegan #recipe #dinner #side … 

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