Halloween Craft & Recipe Roundup!


Happy almost-halloween!

We don’t have any kids yet, so I’ve never really been that into halloween. The halloween that people our age celebrate usually involves copious amounts of alcohol, costumes that are intended to cover just enough to not be called a slut, and forgetting what you did for the second half of the night. Needless to say – it’s something I’m not too interested in.

BUT! I can imagine all the fun halloween would be if you had a young child around to celebrate with – be it our own, your sibling’s or the neighbor’s. There are so many fun foods to make, so many crafts to do, so many pumpkins to carve. And the costumes! Don’t even get me started on the costumes. As if kids aren’t cute enough, when they put on little outfits that turn them into ladybugs or dinosaurs or puppies they get even that much cuter. My heart just melts.

So, to satisfy my child-less life (no really – it’s childless. I have a total of zero young kids I hang around ever. It is very sad.) I am providing you with a roundup of recipes and crafts for you to do with your kids! Please send me pictures. All I have is a puppy, and she doesn’t like to be dressed up very much. Here goes!

These worms in dirt are a classic.

A super cute DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton costume!

The only thing you should dress your baby in this halloween.

This creative way to make your kids eat vegetable – because they are shaped like pumpkins!

Another minion craft. These little guys are so in vogue.

This recipe for Toffee Bark with Caramel Corn!

These really gross Witch Fingers – sure to weird your kids out!

This cake for those who are trying to be glassy about it.

These low-cost & eco-friendly Toilet-Paper Roll Bats.

This adorable little footprint ghost. I think I will make these every year when we have kids!

These cute little modge-podge autumn leaf mason jars.

These adorable mini pumpkin rice krispie treats.

This penguin costume may be an acceptable alternative the the minion.

Another healthy alternative to all the candy that surrounds this holiday!

These deviled eggs for the adults!

And finally, these adorable brownie owls!

Get to crafting, and show me what you make! Tag me @myCAroots on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. XO!

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