Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with Oriental Dressing

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy

My to-do list this weekend was about a mile long, and I got mostly none of it done. Sigh. Cooking was kept to a minimum, house cleaning was non-existent, and blog work was way less than I had hoped. Not to mention wedding planning, which didn’t happen at all. However, we spent a lot of time with friends, got Dedas enough exercise (she slept through the night twice in a row!) and overall had a great weekend. I just need an extra day.

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy

Our weekends kind of start of Thursday, when we do a hike and get tacos downtown with a couple friends. Friday morning is usually a bummer because I still have to go to work, but if I’m lucky it goes by quick. Friday afternoon we spent the evening at our friends’ house drinking wine and eating one of the most amazing dinner party spreads I’ve ever had. I was the only vegetarian there, but everyone is into health/hippy food, so every single dish happened to be vegetarian and delicious.

One of the things I love about vegetarian food is that it often focuses on herbs and spices to make the flavors pop, as opposed to just adding butter and cream to everything to make it rich. You can eat more, love it more, and not feel like you’re going to die afterward. –>Like this salad: I can eat a whole head of cabbage for dinner and feel light as a feather afterward!<–

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy

Anyhow, Saturday we did all sorts of things, like go on a road bike ride, go grocery shopping, get fresh apples at Gopher Glen (so excited it’s fall!) and go to a friend’s birthday party up in Atascadero. And Sunday was supposed to be all about the blog and cooking, but yeah. It’s 2 pm and I haven’t gotten much done. If I had the ingredients still sitting in my fridge, this salad would definitely be on the menu for tonight. It’s the perfect thing to make when you are out of time. There’s only a bot of chopping involved before it’s all tossed together, and no need to marinate it all day before you can eat it. Just munch away. It’s super crunchy, which I love, and is also really filling. This will serve 3 people for dinner just fine, if you are like AJ and I.

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy

The dressing is a really simple mix of olive oil, sesame oil, a bit of rice vinegar, and some honey. Mixed together it reminds me of the stuff that came in the Chinese Chicken Salad from Costco a while back. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s what pops into my head every time I make it. I put a whole tablespoon (!) of sesame oil in it because I love the stuff, but if you prefer it a bit less strong then by all means, decrease it to just a teaspoon or two. Either way, make this salad. Your tummy and your tastebuds will love you for it.

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy

As always, if you make this, share it! Tag it #rootsfood on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I love to see what you guys make!

Cabbage & Pea Sprout Salad with oriental Dressing | | #vegan #glutenfree #salad #easy … 

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