Vegan Chipotle Aioli

You will never know the difference between this vegan chipotle aioli and the regular stuff made with eggs. My husband couldn’t even believe it! Delicious on roasted potatoes, french fries, or on a crudite spread. VEGAN CHIPOTLE AIOLI You will never know the difference between this vegan chipotle aioli and […]

Easy Sangria

It’s already February, can you believe it?! And the (un)official color of the month is red for LOVE. And the best way to surprise your honey and celebrate your love for each other? Definitely this super easy sangria recipe. I know, sangria seems scary and tough (or maybe that’s just […]

Caramelized Eggplant & Pesto Pasta (v)

So… I know what you’re thinking. I know. This is quite possibly the ugliest dish I’ve ever made. Everything is this same dark greenish-purpleish hue that does not scream eat me. But wait! Don’t run away quite yet. This pasta is really good. It’s my favorite pasta I’ve made recently, and that’s saying a […]

Eggplant, Kale & Ricotta Cannelloni

Wait, it’s really Wednesday already? When did that happen? I always try to get a post out on Monday or Tuesday, but I seem to have failed this week. Oh well, I’ll make it up to you with these amazing (I mean, really amazing) eggplant cannelloni. I feel like most of […]

Vegan Cashew Cream Caramels

I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys! As I’ve mentioned recently, I just figured out how to make cashew cream and how amazing it is. Really, amazing. Every time I think of something that uses coconut cream or heavy cream the first thing my mind jumps to is, I […]

Potato & Zucchini Frittata (gf)

Weekends are the best. Every weekday morning AJ and I wake up at 5 am, roll out of bed, and take the dog for a walk before the sun comes up. It helps her get some yayas out before we leave her home all alone for the day. But on […]

Cilantro & Cayenne Tahini Sauce

I am dedicating a whole post today to this amazingly awesome super delicious GREEN tahini sauce. Because it’s amazing. Like, put it on everything and then lick the plate when you’re done amazing. Yup, that kind. I made this to top off some roasted veggie pita wraps that I’ll be […]