Easy Sangria

It’s already February, can you believe it?! And the (un)official color of the month is red for LOVE. And the best way to surprise your honey and celebrate your love for each other? Definitely this super easy sangria recipe. I know, sangria seems scary and tough (or maybe that’s just […]

Vegan Pecan Pie Pancakes

Is Thanksgiving really over? Tell me no. Tell me I have more time before I have to rush and buy all my Christmas presents last minute. Tell me I’m not already late in putting up our Christmas lights and getting a tree and putting up all sorts of delicate sparkly […]

Cilantro & Cayenne Tahini Sauce

I am dedicating a whole post today to this amazingly awesome super delicious GREEN tahini sauce. Because it’s amazing. Like, put it on everything and then lick the plate when you’re done amazing. Yup, that kind. I made this to top off some roasted veggie pita wraps that I’ll be […]

Fluffy Whole Grain Pancake Mix (v)

Behold! If for some strange reason on this Saturday morning you happened to go on the internet (or the interwebs, as AJ archaically refers to it) in search of the perfect weekend breakfast, your wishes have been granted! Why the heck I’m here on a Saturday morning is another story, but here I […]