Flax Seed Belgian Waffles (v)

Is it really Friday again? Not that I’m complaining. Not at all. I just feel like last weekend JUST happened – and a crazy weekend it was. We had both our parents and my sister in town. The main occasion for the girls was wedding dress shopping, which I am happy to […]

Vegan Caramel-Stuffed Double Chocolate Cookies

Um, these are definitely my new favorite cookie, and I’m not even joking. Sorry vegan peanut butter cookies… you’ve been usurped. By chocolate. And caramel. And SEA SALT!!! For realises though, I’m just now getting on this gravy train with putting salt on my cookies. AJ doesn’t really like it, so […]

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

 I recently made these and decided, again, that these are in fact the perfect chocolate chip cookies. Not just the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookies, but the perfect chocolate chip cookies in general, though yes, they are vegan. Highly recommended! I recently had a craving for chocolate chip cookies (as happens rather […]

Vegan Vanilla, Raspberry, & Oreo Cake

I almost couldn’t believe it myself. I actually made a cake. A cake! But not just any cake. Ohh no. This is a Vanilla, Raspberry, & Oreo cake. Vanilla insides smothered in vanilla buttercream, filled with fresh raspberries and crushed Oreos, and topped with the same. It’s a work of […]

Vegan Chipotle Aioli

You will never know the difference between this vegan chipotle aioli and the regular stuff made with eggs. My husband couldn’t even believe it! Delicious on roasted potatoes, french fries, or on a crudite spread. VEGAN CHIPOTLE AIOLI You will never know the difference between this vegan chipotle aioli and […]

Easy Sangria

It’s already February, can you believe it?! And the (un)official color of the month is red for LOVE. And the best way to surprise your honey and celebrate your love for each other? Definitely this super easy sangria recipe. I know, sangria seems scary and tough (or maybe that’s just […]

Marinara Stuffed Roasted Eggplant (v, gf*)

So when your dearly beloved tells you in one breath that these things are great because they 1) taste like pizza and 2) the parmesan stuff on top is super good, you do a happy dance and put these on the menu again for next week because 1) they are […]